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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> yes, why want to speed the conspiracy theorists we had 26 days wet in january and now it is dry that the super bowl is here. think about this. fairfield is 21. sfo is 15. it is gusty. again. a week without rain? sutro tower shows how gorgeous and clean the air is. temperature is 36-48. chilly breezes keep us in the low-to-mid 50s for lunch. high clouds this afternoon. 54 to 58. grab a heavy coat this evening in the mid-40s by 7:00. sue? >> getting busy. the emeryville camera is bounce around. nicely. with c.h.p. keeping a wind advisory in affect if you travel to golden gate field through berkeley and the macarthur maze. into the bay bridge toll plaza. you are looking at 21 minutes. the meeting lights are on at 5:41. there is some sort of activity here...whether it is an accident or tow truck.
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look at this, bumper-to-bumper traffic and sluggish on upper respond. the high wind advisory is still extended on the san mateo bridge coming up. >> high winds resulted in downed trees around the bay area, one fulling into a house in redwood city so a man in a wheelchair cannot get in his home. >> and amy hollyfield is tracking the story. >> good morning, amy. >> it will be busy for clean up with the job waiting more them here in redwood city, and this is a huge tree. you cannot see the house. all tree. here is an idea of the wind that continue polled it over. the sand is blowing at the beach in pacifica. we got this video to the newsroom, and the wind just pushed this tree right on over, and it is now blocking a him in redwood city and the familiar had to find another place to stay including a man in a
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wheelchair the family cannot get to the front door. >> it sounded like a crack and the tree came down. slowly. and it fell on my step dad's truck. that is what we are dealing with >> another one. that toppleed. it crashed on to two properties. one him owner cannot drive out of the drive. it is blocked. the good news is no one was hurt when the trees fell. now it is time for the cleanup crews to work. and try to clear them. wind is not the only thing a lot of people are talking about this morning, in martinez and antioch and fairfield and sill other cities -- several other cities, people had hail, with icy pellets in the backyard. the storm rolled through and many viewers posted the wild
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weather. can you share it with #abc7now. panthers and broncos wake up here ready for the first day of practice in california. the carolina panthers hit the field at san jose state and broncos at stanford both rack -- practices closed to the public. both are at s.a.p. center for opening night which used to be called "media day," but now it is open the to fans and is a prime time event. >> this is a look at super bowl city in san francisco, pretty but quiet. it will be crazy this week as more fans pour into the pay area for for -- bay area for the game. thousands packed super bowl city with a ton of cool things from concerts and fireworks to shopping and beer stands. fans took advantage of all free things. go sooner rather than later
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before all of the out of towners get here. fans take advice not to drive and using public transportation to get to super bowl ever sents. a spokesperson for muni said ridership increased 10 percent on saturday compared to a normal saturday. >> this are 35 free performances at super bowl city. here is something for everyone. wednesday, a singer songwriter will perform, and thursday, country music group "band perry," on friday, "one republican," and another fire bork show. on saturday, grammy winner, alicia keys starting at 7:30 with the exception of alicia keys starting at 7:00 so if you want a spot, line up at 7:00 in the morning. be aware. ♪ i saw you again ♪ again
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♪ from the heart >> unmistakable voice of wilson from "heart," rang out at mission college in santa clara with residents allowed two free tickets one of only a few super bowl events in the south by before the game. >> are you bigger fans than you are nfl fans? >> autopsy the way. i can't stand football. >> okay the she is clear about her intention. the super bowl is played blocks away from the concert site on sunday and the super bowl at levi stadium. down led our newsup for detail on traffic, super bowl city and the until experience and be sure to be able instandpoint updates. >> now the investigation of a boat by two alameda sheriff deputies is expanding this morning. according to the "san francisco chronicle" up to five deputies are now under investigation and last november when car theft
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suspect stanislav patrov was chaseed into an alley and three was hit so hard both arms were broken. some deputy may is stolen the property from civilians. the "san francisco chronicle" said that san francisco district ton -- attorney is close to announcing any charges. all the orange county sheriff will give an update on two prison escapees captured right here in san francisco over the weekend. the two wore shack circles and prison jumpsuits as they walked into the on county jail on sunday morning. the pair caught near golden gate park open saturday afternoon, after a woman recognizes the stolen van parked near the whole food market. >> we are turn to breaking news from son california, a massive fire now burning if los angeles, fire now burning if los angeles, in the
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there are 120 firefighters on scene. cruise are now in defensive mode trying to fight it from the street. you can see with the ladders raised and the streams of wart trying to get in from above. we hear winds are a fact report and this is fuel by propane cylinders inside of building, so far, in reports of any explosion but it is certainly a concern if you are familiar with the area, this is close to forest lawn memorial park in the northeast region of los angeles. we will track this in our newsroom. follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> all cries are on yahoo this week as company prepares for the quarterly earnings and some spent more layoffs. >> group of teams to the rescue
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>> group of teams to the rescue able to save a stranded
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embarcadero all swaying in the breezes. they are not so aggressive at yesterday and last night. the high wind advisory ex spared at -- expired at 4:00. up to 59 with high clouds and sunshine. super bowl city, 52 and breezy and vex by 2:00, 40in' the lights, just gorgeous, and by 9:00, chilly. s.a.p. center is is rain tomorrow. >> s.a.p. center is home of the big opening night for super bowl tonight from 5:00 to 7:00 is sold off so traffic will be heavy. watch the zipper truck by the golden gate bridge making four lanes for southbound commute from marin county. two helps northbound. everyone is at the limit. back to walnut creek, c.h.p. is saying again that the accident we have been talking about is in the southbound 680 direction. first they headed southbound and then northbound and now
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southbound. you can see slow traffic from 242 to the scene of the accident causing delays. more on the winds coming up. the stranded baby dolphin doing much better because of three teens. they juneed in to -- jumped in to help the dolphin spotted in western australia. its with having a hard time struggling in shallow water. the teens were close and though rushed to the aid of the stranded animal and calmed it before setting it free in the deep water. >> this morning, scientists in the u.k. have been given the green late for a controversial experiment that could save millions of lives. a new effort to increase safety for people walking on bay area streets and how authorities are going to protect people starting today. >> we usually show you traffic and weather at break and we will show you this view of a massive fire in an industrial area and fire in an industrial area and what
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>> we are tracking breaking mauz from los angeles with a fire from our sister station in los angeles that break out at 5:40.
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the roof has collapsed. 120 firefighters are on the scene. the big concern is prepain -- propane tanks, and factory that caught fire in 2011. high winds are a big problem. thick black smoke is blowing around making it hard for firefighters to see. we will monitor the situation and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we bring you more information. >> police officers truer iing to cut down on pedestrian crashes and are stepping up if trillions looking for joy walking and rolling stops and any other traffic violations. the department said it is try to save lives. in the past three years, more than 800 people have been killed or injured on open streets. yahoo c.e.o. is preparing for the biggest battle according to the "san francisco chronicle" with falling sales in seven of
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the past ten quarters and tomorrow when she announced quarterly earnings she is expected to dill a plan to cut costs and best growth. it could mean cutting jobs. other options could include putting the company up for sale and entering into a partnership or even replacing her job. if they do not happen shareholders will not be satisfied. >> now a check with a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good monday morning. next on "good morning america" the race for the white house, iowa caucus day is here the first votes set to be cast in presidential race and well hear from some of condition dates, donald trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders and marco rubio, all ready for the final push this morning, george and robin are in iowa only on "good morning america" this morning. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> appreciate scientists have been giving the go ahead to miff
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-- to modify human embryos the first time a country has approved the d.n.a. altering technique in embryos, with gene editing allowing manipulation critics fear the designer babies are around the corner but right now it is still illegal to implant the miffed embryos into a william. the same to bring a deep understanding of the earliest moments of human life. >> a study suggests that eating a lot of fiber-rich food in hive could significantly reduce a. with's risk of developing breast cancer. women who consumed high levels of fiber meeting an average of 28 grams of fiber a lower risk of breast cancer in machine know pause. >> we will town new to cold play with a new music video starring, of course, beyonce. could this be a preview of what we will hear on sunday?
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♪ i would sooner be >> i am getting into it. the music video posted this weekend is set in india and she appeared as a bollywood figure on the screen, "hymn for the weekend," which will headline on sunday at the have been 50 half time and beyonce will appear as a special gift -- guest. >> look out the window. birds. flowers. >> he is committing. we were at fairy land in oakland where the raiders star read to children and the families yesterday. this is part literacy might bive prepare meted by super bowl 50 host committee. they received healthy eating tips and cooking at home. >> a great video from a viewer is showing saturday night's fire
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works show celebrating the opening of super bowl city. our viewer got this great shot of the bay bridge lies and the fireworks. can you post them on #abc7now. >> the weather? >> warmer. still trending dry but maybe 70 in santa clear by sunday! impressive. especially with what we havelied through in january, 26 of 31 days we have had measurable rain in the bay area. but not today. good morning, everyone, dress warmer. freezing on top of mt. diablo. suicide there is black ice on mount hamilton. walnut creek, the cool of the at 36. san ramon is 37. dublin and livermore at 38. en else is in the low-to-mid mid-40s the rest of our neighbors, low-to-mid 40s. same in oakland and novato and
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santa rosa at 41. pacifica is 43. san francisco is warm at 47 degrees. in the east bay hills it is bouncing because of the 20-0-miles-per-hour gusts at 1,800 or 1,900 feet with sunshine. breezy but not lick yesterday. light written tomorrow and lesser extent on when. dry and bright and warmer for the weekend. at 5:00 in the afternoon, heading to the evening you can see the clouds increasing at 4:00 tomorrow, rain, light rain, maybe moderate rain in the not bay and by 6:00 it is in the heart of the bay holding into the south bay where it will be at 8:00 and by noon it is gone other than a slight chance of a shower and that will dry headed to the evening hour. storm exact trail from light to severe and this be light because of less than quarter-inch of rain. wednesday's rain is so small does it not have a storm impact scale.
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>> high wind advisory so we have red on the traffic, for the altamont pass, the san mateo bridge has been extended, and the bay bridge has gusty wind according to the c.h.p. hang on this morning. the winds are still out there affecting the drive. 52 trains, bart on schedule, coming downtown for super bowl city, take muni, they are re-routing around super bowl city and moscone center for the nfl experience. you could have delays, too, and howard street is closed, moss scone center between third and 4th and rotating other lane closures around moscone so walk there and take a boat and watch they are adding additional midday ferries for concerts, as well, and we will check with an accident in walnut creek and san jose next report. >> michael finney is helping us get rid of un. withed you its for a profit. >> a developing story off the >> a developing story off the coast of san francisco when a again! again!
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>> a hiking trail near the site of a homicide could have the name changed but not the name of the victim. steve cater was slot and killed in the open space preserve last october near gunshot fire road. according to the marin ig it i said to be renamed sunrise fire road. some suggested it be changed to honor carter who was living in marin. >> a massive cargo slip will crash into the coast of france in 48 hours unless a dangerous
6:26 am
last ditch operation succeeds. it came close to tipping over off the coast of spain while traveling from north africa. the crew was rescued in dramatic video. authorities plan to tow the truck to france for repairs. pad weather and failures have made it hard to get the ship under control. >> now, ask begin any. he will help us get rid of our unwanted "stuff." >> i have so men items to sell is ebay the right way to go? >> this is a tough one. it depends. how much. what. but ebay is still the overall leader if you have furniture, check out a company called move loot, you can look them up coming out, pick up the furniture and consign it for you. there is craigslist a kick way to get rid of unwanted items. >> if you have a question,
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record it on the smart 15 or tablet and send it to www. www.askfinney. or host it to # ago50youcouldsee-- and you can see it on the morning news. >> damaged super bowl 50 sign now is removed and why officials are rethinking other signs across the city. >> the most popular golden gate bridge selfie spot is closed to super bowl visitors. where can you get the amazing where can you get the amazing photos of
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30. it is monday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. super bowl week. we have the team to get you started. with start with meteorologist mike nicco. it is windy. >> fought like yesterday but the gusts are there. 26 at fairfield. the rest of us in double digits until san carlos and mountain view and livermore and concord down around 5-10 miles per hour. down to 24 on mount tamalpais and around 44 last night. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and day planner is full of sunshine and mid-50s and mid-to-upper 50s with high clouds at 4:00. >> heavy track out of walnut
6:31 am
creek and southbound 680 an early accident near treat cleared from the lanes and the damage is done and the brick lights -- brick -- brake light starts for solid 20 meant drive to the junction. an hour define tracy and the dublin/pleasanton interchange and an accident at san jose on 237 approaching 101. expect delays. we will check back on that in a second. >> back to the bra -- breaking news in los angeles a powerful fire. we got an update, and 145 fires are on the scene. they are starting to gain ground. they are doing defensive position on top of the raised ladder trying to pour the water from above. the fire broke out at 5 spread to a storage yard and one
6:32 am
or business so for. the big concern is propane tanks inside of the building, and looking for explosions. our sister station said this is a federal furniture factory that caught fire in 2011. we will track this and bring you updates through the newscast and on twitter. >> the department of just city planning to investigate the san francisco police department after five officers shot killed a young black man. we are in san francisco with what we know. >> yes, officials will announce more details at a press conference today following the controversial shooting of redwood city on december 2nd. the department of justice is planning a comprehensive review of the san francisco police department. they will look at the policies and procedures of officers. san francisco police slot and
6:33 am
killed wood as stabbing suspect. this was captured on a cell phone recording. he raised the knife but the video raises questions. this expected protests in the city. one brought hundreds to the street this week on super bowl city's opening day. protesters when the police chef fired with the family and the attorney calling for a federal investigation. in january the attorney sent a letter to the justice department asking them to get involved. the mayor and police chief suhr requested a federal probe. this review follows accusations some police officers exchanged racist and home folk homophobic text messages. >> thank you, an usually morning crash knocked out power to 3,000 people in castro valley. the car plowed into a utility
6:34 am
pole on east castro valley boulevard at 1:30 a.m. there were minor injuries. one person was arrested. only two kiss attorneys were still without power. pg&e working to get it restored. drivers should expect to face traffic controls in the area. >> along the embarcardero at super bowl city where i had a chance to check it out with the biggest event is in the south bay for nfl media night. matt has a preview. matt? >> yes, reggie, the whole world is watching. you have to look pretty. that included the s.a.p. center. you have the leaf blower to make sure the golden carpet at the s.a.p. center is nice. it is opening night. fans can get up close with the teams. local law enforcement is ready. the video from this morning of security forces around the
6:35 am
s.a.p. center. the been cozy are here -- the broncos are leader with the panthers. it is now open to fans. thousands in the media are doing interviews. it will be a unique event with the fans. the fans got crazy yesterday welcoming their teams. the broncos of saying at the santa clara marriott near levi stadium with the first practice at stanford. the panthers arrived at san jose aiport an hour after the broncos yesterday. they are staying at the san jose marriott. today they will have the first practice at san jose state university. opening night at the s.a.p. center starts at 5:00 and tickets are sold out. >> the nfl experience has
6:36 am
treated in store. any fan wearing 49er or raider gear gets $5 off admission. second, the experience is the site of a national flag football game. philadelphia players and coaches will on on hand. they can show their skills at throwing, and kicking to the players. >> bart is pa making changes. riders will find the exit from the embarcadero station closed except dug the morning commute. the exit will only be open from 6:45 to the:45 in the morning today through friday and closed all day on saturday and sunday. it is because of safety and crowd concerns. >> the super bowl sunday kickoff with a roar because of the blue angels, the navy flight team performing a flyover in the six jet formation. they are in train in southern
6:37 am
california right now for the big event. this is the 70th anniversary. >> amaking -- amazing. damaged super bowl signs have been removed after being van equalized several time with the letters being reaned. they not reel salvador waiting the location of signs that have been targeted. >> one side said "superb owl," great name for a band. we have everything you need to know about super bowl 50 including the food, festivityies all on all the san francisco public out estimates commission will try to determine if a water main leak caused a home to slide down a hill. the city demolished the home after a neighbor noticed a widening crack between the sidewalk.
6:38 am
the crews plained the weather and did nature discover the leak until saturday. it will take full financial responsibility if it is determined the leak caused the house to slide. other home owners will meet with the commission tonight to discuss damages and the plan to fix the damages. >> now, the breezes, they are relaxing but an issue with the temperatures ten degrees cooler. this is a wind chill at san rafael at 45 degrees and no chance of fog with the winds and nothing the next couple of days because of the clouds and the dry air. 53 to 55 inland. the fastest breeze at the coast 54 to 56 and we will be warm this and 280 and 17 in san jose and sunshine, tomorrow, best chance of rain in the morning, low-to-mid 50s and slight chance of light rain and warmer add mid-50s to around 60 on wednesday and thursday, increasing sunshine and warm
6:39 am
temperatures above average. 67 on saturday, super bowl sunday is 70 degrees. that is impressive. hotspots? >> we have slow areas and they are back to super bowl sunday at the stadium v.t.a. and caltrain will provide extra transportation. sluggish with high wind advisory on the san mateo bridge at 21 minutes from hayward to san mateo. give yourself extra time. very slow from the central valley. no stalls or accidents, a lot of folks over an hour tracy into dublin, stacked up to the middle of the freeway to 880 for 20-minute drive and an accident northbound 880 with things stacked up to 280 and another 20 minute drive northbound direction. >> this week there is a super bowl-sized throat to million people visiting, not to the safety. but to their selfie.
6:40 am
from 11:00 to 5:00 you cannot park personal we vehicles in the golden gate bridge photo spot. if not there, where? >> both sides of the most photographed bridge is restricted. >> maybe that is good. >> avoid it altogether. >> but the selfie game is not that strong. i have friends to help out. are did you know to bombing me? >> the tour has guides to help you. >> this is our number three spot, i love this spot because you can see the bay, alcatraz and of course port the fort. our number two favorite spore a sexy is baker beach a place that only is known by the locals. >> baker beach selfie?
6:41 am
>> a let's do it. >> number one, golden gate selfie takes us to the marin head land, hawk hill, uncrowded and above it all. >> where else do you get alcatraz, the bay bridge, the city, lands end. >> novice that point? no problem. yourselvesy is easy administration three, two, one. >> those recommendations from the tour company but what are yours? i ask for your best pick with a location and we added it. i like this, from a great family photo on top of the fort just a great spot. i did not know about this the torpedo wharf from david. great-looking shot, both towers of the bay bridge. i end with this gorgeous shot better photographer than i would ever be able to do, with the
6:42 am
golden gate bridge in the back ground with the pacific ocean. thanks for your photos, you can continue to send them using #abc7now. we will post them. >> now i know. forget wires, super fast internet at home could soon come from the skies if google has their way and starting today, general motors is pitting the pedal to the metal in driverless car company in an effort to get you out of the driver's seat. and a look at the beautiful snow and a look at the beautiful snow in lake tahoe right now.
6:43 am
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> whoa, new video of terrifying moments for two membership filming a thunderstorm in australia. the men were standing in a showed and a bolt of lightning hit a few feet away. you can see the flash in the video. they were not hurt. officials say weekend storms in australia left 70,000 people without power. >> in the bay area, it has been wind causing concern. we were in san mateo county. the winds created a mess. roads were littered with debris and tree limb.
6:46 am
one tree fell across grow -- two homes and a car. amy hollyfield is in redwood city where people are dealing with the damage. >> yes, natasha. look at this mess. it is all tree. in the front yard. you cannot see the house in redwood city. it is no wonder it fell. look at the picture of a wind reading at point reyes, 74 miles per hour before sunset. it was too much. it fell right in front of the house, blocking the house. the fm had to find another place to stay last my including a man who lives here in a wheelchair. the clean up crew is coming later today. >> he is handicap asked cannot go inside the house. there is no way to get inside. the tree is right >> check out the sand blowing
6:47 am
across the parking lot at the beach in pacifica. our viewer sent this video with the winds blowing between 30-50 miles per hour. it is much calmer this morning. we are not dealing with any win in redwood city and when we were drive across the may years ago bridge it was fine. the worst is over. now it is time for the clean up. >> thank you, amy. google is work on a new top secret project beaming the internet from the sky. the guardian reports that drones like these would deliver 235 -- 5g internet which would be 40 times faster than what is used now. there is a testing phase over new mexico. safety is a big concern. last year, a solar drone crashed at the test site. >> samsung has the latest event
6:48 am
where they will reveal the next smartphone. the it is station is scheduled for february 21 includes an image of a shadowy cube suggesting the first work for the world is going to be there and there will be a pressure sensitive screen and water resistance. >> january was not great for the stock market. how is february looking? i am sorry to report down 135 points. >> jane kin will bring us good news with the latest. jane? >> hello, good morning. to get self driving vehicle technology on the road general motors is creating a team to focus on these vehicles starting together to map out a strategy with engineering and identify investments and partnership to ensure that g.m. is a leader in self driving technology.
6:49 am
the battle of the pizza chain looks for a bigger slice of industry will be more heated with papa john's make a big push before the super bowl the biggest day of the career for pizza. google will report results as alphabet breaks out the google moon shots of highly experimental projects google innovates on and it is possible depending on what the numbers are at the bell today, they could surpass apple as the post valuable company. we are starting february on a lower note with good riddance to january and wish we could start february pa but -- but there is disappointing news in china, same old same old. >> when it turns around... >> our weather is turning around. ayes -- very spring like.
6:50 am
nice weather to be outside for the super bowl activity. today is the transition from yesterday. still breezy from time to time. but you do not need the umbrella. live doppler hd is dry. temperature-wise, in the south bay, 43 at san jose, and 37 in los gatos and santa teresa and alum rock. danville is at 37, a cool spot. calistoga is freezing this morning at 33, and san pablo is 33, san carlos is 47 and same in san francisco. the exploritorium, i warned to show you this, more of you will take a ferry than normal and it will be choppy this morning and brickness in the air, so dress in layers. we have a wind chill with sunny and chilled breezes. a slight chance of rain tomorrow. a smaller chance on wednesday. and cloudy and super warm for the super bowl. the storm impact scale, ranked
6:51 am
from light at "1" to severe at "5" and this is very light and the busiest impact? coming in during the morning commute together with light winds and less than quarter-inch rain. a few high clouds moving in but sunglass day. by 4:00 we will start the commute with light to moderate rain and it axle brights through the bay at 6:00 moving into the south bay from 6:00 to 8:00 but starting to clear identity in the north bay by 8:00 and random shower cross our higher elevations head the into the afternoon hours. the rainfall totals you can see from .0 2" in novato and maybe quarter-inch in san jose. when it passes we have a slight chance across the north bay. 60s and possible 70s by super bowl sunday! sue? >> sounds super. we have backups around the bay
6:52 am
area this monday morning. we will look at the central valley, an hour from tracy to the dublin/pleasanton we have debris in the lane causing a problem northbound, three, four, five, half a dozen carried pulled off with flat tires. they are trying to clear that. traffic is backed before highway 92 back to westbound 237 before 101 an early accident still blocking the last lane with traffic backing halfway toward 880 and northbound 880 an accident here blocking things and we will look at southbound 880 partly blocking a lane of traffic with slow traffic to 92. we will check with the bay bridge toll plaza next report. >> see you then. >> we are back with seven things you need to know before you go include the massive fire still burning in los angeles. >> take us with you as you head >> take us with you as you head out the (singing) i just can't wait to meet you,
6:53 am
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are the seven thing you need to know. >> it is breezy this morning. but not like yesterday. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. dress warmly. let me show you the temperature this afternoon from 56 to 59. put away the umbrellas. 70 by the weekend. >> bay bridge, a pretty picture but not if you are stuck in the
6:55 am
backup, a big-rig lost a wheel causing havoc at treasure island it is slow with high winds. >> the department of justice is conducting a comprehensive review of san francisco's police department in the wick of the mario woods shooting. detail are announced today. >> fewer cries are starting to get the upper hand on a massive fire in a commercial building if los angeles, officials say it was fueled by a storage of propane cylinders and jumped to a another business. >> san francisco schools consider a plan to make free condoms available to middle school students. the change is gathered at reducing the unnumber of pregnancies in minors. >> decision time for voters in iowa with caucus at 5:00 p.m., with donald trump and hillary clinton holding slim leads. >> the s.a.p. center is getting a final check before the big
6:56 am
super bowl event, with fans up close and personal. before that the broncos and panthers will hold the first day of practice in the bay area. >> i want to see what cam is wearing. >> he cannot top what he had on, on the airplane. >> enjoy the morning, guys, with a gorgeous look of the sun coming up in marin. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. and they're off. the first votes finally here in the race for president. >> it's going to be big. >> we are going to make american history. >> bernie sanders says overnight, his campaign going all the way to the convention. ted cruz blasted for last-minute campaign tactics. a grueling year on the campaign trail. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> we're going to build a wall. >> donald, you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. 1500 rallies 11 debates and it all comes down to this. >> this is about the men and women of iowa. >> the race closer than ever. donald trump taking the lead back from ted cruz. the billionaire and his family trying to close their biggest deal of all. >> i hope we're going to have a good result.


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